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Hadham Health is able to advise on WPA health insurance products only and is an Appointed Representative of The Healthcare Practice Plc (a wholly owned subsidiary of the WPA Limited group of Companies).  You can find out more about The Healthcare Practice Plc by visiting www.healthcarepractice.co.uk.

WPA is a not for profit health organisation with a heritage of dating back to 1901. WPA started off as a working peoples’ fund almost 50 years before the inception of the NHS. Workers paid a portion of their wage into the fund each week. They could then access this fund at times of ill health. To this day WPA remains true to the principle of making healthcare affordable for hundreds of thousands of people through its family policies and corporate schemes.

Whilst some health insurers decided on the specialists who can treat you, WPA believes you should be in control of your own health. Therefore, with a WPA policy you have the freedom to choose who to see, as well as where and when.

As a result of continued investment, WPA received 7 awards throughout 2017 for excellence in customer service as well as for innovative technology solutions that enable customer claims to be managed proactively and efficiently.

Customers are at the heart of everything WPA does and the customer service you receive aims to always reflect that commitment.

Learn more about the WPA health insurance plans that Hadham Health advise on by visiting www.wpa.org.uk.


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