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A lady contacted me yesterday as her NHS operation was cancelled in June because of lockdown. Her rescheduled date is in 18 months time!

She wanted to see if she could buy private medical insurance to enable her to have the operation privately.

I had to say no! This was a pre-existing condition that will be excluded and was unlikely to settle down for it to be covered in the future.

She now has 2 options:
1) continue to wait for her NHS operation
2) self pay to go privately at a cost equating to several years of insurance premium.

All that money to spend on one procedure when over the years of having insurance she’d have had cover for cancer, tests and consultations, operations and so much more!

She could have also claimed for smaller problems needing Physiotherapy and could have had money back for routine dental and optical. What’s more - her claims would not have penalised her at renewal with a big premium hike!

Plan for the future, protect your health, get insurance!

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Hadham Health is 3 years old!!! I can’t quite believe it, as time has raced past!

Setting up my own business was definitely the best career move and I’m hugely excited about what the future holds!

Thank you to all my clients and business partners who have been instrumental in getting me this far!

I am truly passionate about helping people and businesses find affordable health insurance solutions and feel very grateful to be able to continue working in a field I’ve always loved!

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