Further to my post 2 weeks ago, I’ve seen a surge in enquiries for health insurance quotes both on the individual side and on the corporate side.

Why is this?

Quite simply: NHS waiting lists have significantly increased as a result of Covid19.

Nearly 140,000 of the 4.35 million on the waiting list at the end of September have waited over a year to be seen and yet the target is 18 weeks!!

As winter progresses these statistics will worsen abd waiting lists will continue to lengthen.

Private medical insurance can help you or your employees avoid waiting for treatment.

This is even more important if you run your own business.

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Many prospective clients ask me “How easy is it to claim with WPA?”. They want to know they can easily access the benefits on their plan if they need them!

From first hand experience I can say it’s very easy! I’ve been suffering from terrible back pain that’s restricted my mobility. I love my exercise so this immobility was really starting to frustrate me and the pain was worsening day by day.

I called head office, explained my situation and was instantly authorised for some osteopathy. No need for a GP referral.

I’ve had 2 osteopath appointments but felt I now needed to switch to the physio to combat the spasms in my back. A simple call to our claims team and this was also authorised.

I’ve now had 3 treatments in total and whilst I’m still not 100%, I’m mobile and not in constant pain. 1 more physio and I will be fixed! ✅

❓Have you got a plan where claims force up your premiums?
❓Do you have a no claims discount?
❓Does it put you off claiming?

Please get in contact so that I can explain how WPA plans work differently, giving cover in an affordable way for the long term!

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WPA health insurance plans don’t have to be a certificate kept in a drawer, giving peace of mind you have cover for the big conditions only that may happen in the future!

WPA plans include cover for everyday health costs that we all incur (or should do), up to benefit limits. These extras include some cover for routine dental, optical (that’s glasses, contacts and tests) and health screens.

Simply pay for these treatments, keep the receipt and just submit an online claim for instant authorisation and cash reimbursement.

It couldn’t be simpler! All my clients get reminded 6 months into their contract year that they should utilise these benefits so they don’t forget or lose them!

It’s another way WPA can give back to customers.

🔆🔆 To my existing clients - put a yes below if you’ve claimed for your dental and optical! 🔆🔆

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